Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Magic Numbers (Working Title). The Countdown Begins

Regular blog readers will be aware that our son Paul works in TV development for CPL Productions and excitement always mounts in our household as the launch of a new show approaches. In a couple of weeks time, Stephen Mulhearn (above) will be hosting ITV's new show "Magic Numbers"(Working Title). This entertainment based Saturday night show will give one lucky viewer each week the chance to win a big cash prize simply by matching their phone number with ones generated during the show. I know that there are some great acts lined up for the programme which will go out live and Marion and I are looking forward to an invite from Paul for us to go down to London and watch an episode or two. Paul's wife Josephine is in the same business and we are also looking forward to going to a recording of her new show in the near future. Details to follow. Our National Sales and Marketing Director Nick Neal's daughter Laura is also involved in training for a career in television and has managed to find some work experience in the industry too.

And, speaking of numbers, my head is spinning from working on the new payroll which comes into operation in August. At the moment I am running two payrolls - weekly and monthly- in preparation for the switch and I will be relieved when it is back to just one as I am getting myself mixed up some weeks and even managed to pay the P.A.Y.E late by forgetting about it. Not a good idea. It is our new year end tomorrow so we've got a big stock take to complete and a lot more numbers to work on. I'll be pleased when retirement finally arrives in November and I can forget numbers for good (apart from the pension).

And still on the subject of numbers here is the new Instanta August 2010 price list. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, we are moving the time of our price changes to be in line with our parent company and these prices will come into effect on 1st August 2010 so buy now and stock up in July if you want to make some savings. Hard copies will be going out in the post early next week.

Might as well go the whole hog and have a number related topic for today's final comment. We are into our seventh week of dieting today and together Marion and I have lost 27lbs in weight and I have lost at least three inches from my waist. It is starting to become gruelling now as, the weekly weigh-ins are only recording a pound or so loss and, with another ten weeks to go I can see it becoming a real test of our will power. On a positive note at least it is working whilst on a negative, I am going to need a whole new wardrobe or get my existing wardrobe altered.

This is how it is starting to feel

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